Katherine & John Dobbs Family Center

(901) 458-2678

2525 Central Avenue

Memphis, TN 38104

Open 7 days a week

9 AM - 5PM

hours & location


Executive Committee

Jon Bascom, President
Missy Nelson, Vice President
Sarah Watkins, Secretary and Ad Hoc Carousel Co-Chair
Susan Acuff, Treasurer and Finance & Audit Chair
Katherine Dobbs, Education & Exhibits Co-Chair
Murff Galbreath, Education & Exhibits Co-Chair
Ron Kastner, Marketing & Development Chair
Bridgette Speake, Ad Hoc Carousel Co-Chair
Katina Gaines, Member-At-Large
Dick Tillman, Member-At-Large


Dr. Jara Best
Stewart Burgess, Ph.D.
Joseph Dandan
Ryan Dungy
Liz Glotzbach
Allison Magness
Elvira Ormseth
Greg Smithers
Kevin Williams
Matt Wilson
Emily Banks, Honorary Trustee, Cirque
Carol Stout, Honorary Trustee, Cirque
Bob Craddock, Museum Attorney


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Richard (Dick) Hackett
(901) 458-2678, ext. 223
Email: rch [at] cmom [dot] com

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Randy McKeel
(901) 458-2678, ext. 231
Direct: (901) 320-3172
Email: randy.mckeel [at] cmom [dot] com

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Art Davis
(901) 458-2678, ext. 226
Email: art.davis [at] cmom [dot] com


Director of Visitor Services
Daniel Calvert
(901) 458-2678
Email: daniel.calvert [at] cmom [dot] com

Director of Campus Safety
Gene Delashmit
(901) 458-2678
Email: gene.delashmit [at] cmom [dot] com

Education & Programs Manager
Mary-Caroline Benson
(901) 458-2678
Email: mary-caroline.benson [at] cmom [dot] com

Exhibits Maintenance Manager
Corey Brown
(901) 458-2678
Email: corey.brown [at] cmom [dot] com

Human Resources Manager
Cliff Drake
(901) 458-2678, ext. 229
Email: cliff.drake [at] cmom [dot] com

Social Media & Marketing Manager
James Lammey
(901) 458-2678, ext. 233
Email: jlammey [at] cmom [dot] com

Special Events & Membership Manager
Sharon Rogness
(901) 458-2678, ext. 225
Email: sharon.rogness [at] cmom [dot] com

Visitor Services Coordinators
Brad Laney - Volunteer Information Email: brad.laney [at] cmom [dot] com
Ashley Mellinger

Hospitality Associates
Nashly Fausnight
Eboni Holloway
Gloria Key
Rachel Leslie
Sara Mellinger
Kyle Morgan
Carolan O’Neill
Morgan Patrick
Kaitlin Rogers
Dailey Thompson
Mia Williams

Advisory Board

Alison Barton
Pat Demere
Heather Grosvenor
Julie Hussey
JJ Keras
Ellen Klyce
Janie Lowery
Harriet McFadden
Missy Rainer