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The Grand Carousel


Everybody Rides

The Children’s Museum of Memphis is restoring the 1909 Dentzel Memphis Grand Carousel. It will go from being a hidden gem to being propelled into the national spotlight to rally Memphians’ pride in their city and bring joy to future generations.

Be a Part of Restoring History

Currently, the Memphis Grand Carousel is being renovated by an industry-leading team in Marion, Ohio. The two-year process will cost approximately $1 million.

During the restoration period, CMOM is preparing a brand-new Carousel Building attached to the museum for the Memphis Grand Carousel’s return. It will be in a fully restored condition and operational for generations to come. The total cost of this project is estimated to be $4.75 million, which will be raised through a capital campaign. Please call Dick Hackett at (850) 502-1658 for donation and sponsorship information!

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