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Bankshot Basketball

This unique and challenging exhibit teaches Children about shapes, angles, math, geometry, trigonometry and cooperative play. Bankshot is a new game of skill and challenge that is often described as a "mini golf, but with a basketball." Players of all ages and abilities, including disabled participants, proceed through a course of 19 angled, curved and non-conventionally configured brightly colored backboards, banking shots off the Bankboards™ and through the rims. Bankshot™ Sports are non-aggressive and entirely inclusionary. Participants play alongside, not against, each other. Some shots demand caroms off two Bankboards™. Some are ricochets and some diabolically maddening shots have three Bankboards™ and two rims. Players may use a scorecard to track their score as they shoot increasingly difficult shots at each of the stations. It's a basketball lover's greatest challenge!