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Grand Carousel

Memphis Grand Carousel

The 1909 Dentzel carousel has been fully restored and is one of the newest amenities at CMOM. Hand craved by Gustov Dentzel, the carousel was purchased by the City of Memphis in 1923. After being housed at the fairgrounds and later at Libertyland until it closed in 2005, the carousel has been brought out of storage and restored where once again people of all ages can enjoy this rare, antique carousel. Carousel rides are $3 / free for members.The carousel runs every 15 minutes. 

Here's a few things you need to know before riding the carousel. Please pay attention to the first two items. According to State regulations, any child under 42" must be accompanied and assisted by an adult while riding the carousel. But, that adult can only assist one child per ride. So, if you have multiple children under 42", please have adequate help with you so your child's experience will be as pleasant as possible. 

  1. Children less than 42” tall must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. An adult can only assist one rider at a time.
  3. Adults assisting children must remain standing on left side or inside of figure.
  4. Only one rider per carousel figure except for the chariots.
  5. Riders 225+ pounds must ride stationary animals or chariots.
  6. No food or drinks on the carousel ride.
  7. Riders must remain facing forward during ride with one leg on each side of the horse.
  8. Riders must not move about during ride.
  9. Riders are not permitted in the pit area.
  10. Riders are not permitted to ride the carousel if they are under the influence of illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, etc.
  11. All riders must have on proper footwear.
  12. All riders must exit the carousel and return to the entry line if they wish to ride the carousel again.
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