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The Children’s Museum of Memphis is a private, nonprofit, 501(c)3 educational organization

Funds are generated by private contributions (42.9%) and earned income (57.1%). The museum has an annual economic impact of $11,885,195 on the local Memphis economy!

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The Children’s Museum Needs Your Support!

Past and current supporters know that the museum receives absolutely no taxpayer funding. We cannot thrive without the dedication of community leaders, volunteers and our members. Admission charges, along with membership fees and a few other items, make up our earned income (about 57.1% of revenue); contributions and sponsorships make up the rest. Our earned income rate is impressive contrasted with that of comparable museums but obviously still leaves a gap.

Needless to say, the museum is always in need of contributions to help fund our educational exhibits and programs. If you are considering a gift to charity, please think of your Child’s or Grandchild’s favorite place! Your gift will go toward providing the fun, educational activities that engage Children in the museum.

Sometimes our members and visitors say to us, “We’d like to help you, our favorite nonprofit, but we’re not sure what is the best way to support the work of the museum.” These links in the sidebar describe some of the ways you can do just that.

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