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Planned Giving

What Will Your Legacy Be?

We all want to leave a lasting legacy behind. With a tax-deductible planned gift to The Children’s Museum, you will make an impact on Children and families for generations to come. A growing number of generous members and friends are helping us prepare for the future by making a planned gift or bequest to the museum.

 By making a planned gift or bequest to CMOM, you can:

  • Reduce taxes on your estate through a bequest, your retirement plan or insurance policy
  • Avoid capital gains tax with an outright gift of appreciated stock
  • Receive income for life through a charitable remainder trust
  • Pass assets to your Children and Grandchildren and cut transfer taxes through a charitable lead trust
  • Give your home to the museum, receive a tax deduction, and continue to live in it with a retained life estate

It is important to consult with a financial advisor before making major financial decisions. Donors should let the museum know if it is included in an estate plan so that leaders can express the institution’s gratitude.

For more information, you can email libby.smith [at] cmom [dot] com or call (901) 458-2678, ext. 246.