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The Children’s Museum of Memphis respects how important it is to align your field trip visits with the educational goals of your curriculum.

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The Power of Play-Based Education

The Children’s Museum of Memphis helps Children develop essential foundational skills. In the past 10 years, neuroscience has confirmed what the social sciences have long contended, that the first years of life are essential to future learning. Grounded in well-established pedagogy, CMOM is leading a movement that combines specific learning objectives with play in informal learning environments that are developmentally appropriate for infants, toddlers and Children.

The Children’s Museum of Memphis respects Childhood. Helping to balance widespread cultural influences that compress Childhood, we produce programs and exhibits that transcend age, IQ and experience, and empower Children to set their own pace.

The Children’s Museum of Memphis lights a creative spark for discovery and lifelong learning. Research from the University of Illinois finds that Children feel bored as much as 50% of the time while at school or doing their homework. At CMOM, Children become excited about what they are learning while they are playing. As a multidisciplinary institution, CMOM educates Children in a dynamic, exciting, hands-on way.

The Children’s Museum of Memphis is an environment where families play and connect in meaningful ways. With today’s workplace demands, adults have less time to spend with Children. CMOM is a place away from work and household distractions, where parents and caregivers can spend quality time with Children, learn something new themselves and experience the luxury of becoming lost in the present moment as they play.

The Children’s Museum of Memphis is uniquely positioned to help reverse stigma and discrimination. CMOM is a popular, yet neutral, source of information, attracts a diverse cross-section of people and provides shared experiences through interpretive and interactive exhibits. By exposing adults and Children to unfamiliar concepts in a non-threatening, hands-on approach, and ensuring that the museum experience is accessible to those of differing abilities and backgrounds, CMOM creates bridges of understanding.

(Adapted from The Case for Children’s Museums, Association of Children’s Museums)