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Maximize your group visit by adding a School Program. Your students will love these exciting, dynamic and memorable learning experiences. A variety of School Programs are available to match the learning needs of your class.

School Program fees are $3 per student with a minimum of 20 students. Adult chaperons are required in a ratio of 1:5.

911: Good Sense in a Pinch (PreK-1)

Subjects: Health, Math

Students engage in role-playing and a game that teaches when and when not to call 911. All students will be given a “911: When Life is on the Line” t-shirt. 30 minutes; 50 students maximum.

Air Heads (1-4)

Subjects: Language Arts, Science, Math

You can’t see it or touch it. Are you really sure that air exists? Students will conduct experiments that explore the properties of air, prove that it exists, that it has substance, weight and power. 30 minutes; 30 students maximum.

Animation Station (3-6)

Subjects: Art, Math, Science

Ever wonder how your favorite cartoon characters come to life? Learn the basics of animation and the science behind how animation “tricks” the eye. Explore early techniques like zoetrope and thaumatrope to create your own animation. 30 minutes; 40 students maximum.

Build-A-Bridge (4-6)

Subjects: Science, Social Studies

Students become engineers for a day and work in teams to build a bridge using K’Nex pieces. They must follow specific design criteria regarding dimensions and strength while calculating and following a designated budget. Students will discuss and explore the similarities and differences between suspension, draw, arch and truss bridges. 30 minutes; 50 students maximum.

Coordination Station (PreK-4)

K-4 Subjects: Physical Education, Health Education, Science, Math
Pre-K Subjects: Physical Development, Language Development, Math

Students explore fine motor development and hand-eye coordination by using their fine motor skills to engage in three fast-paced “Olympic events." Teams will be timed as they compete for “Olympic medals” in the clothes-pin challenge, the skyscraper scramble and the busy-bead breakout as they work to develop speed and agility using fine motor skills. 30 minutes; 50 students maximum.

Hello, Stuffee! (PreK-3)

Subjects: Science

An inside-out look at our anatomy. Learn about the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems from Stuffee, a seven-foot-tall rag doll that unzips to reveal what’s inside our insides. 30 minutes; 50 students maximum.

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